BIRDING TERRITORIO COLOMBIA (B-TC) is a bespoke professional tour operator based in Bogotá Colombia that provides birdwatching tours in all over our country, we are specialized in private trips, which can be tailored in order to suit your needs and be as intense or relaxed as you like, as hardcore, so?core, occasional, photographers or simply can be combined to assure you great ?me, learning along the way about the country, history, people, culture, language and wildlife. B-TC is a Company that works with local communi?es contribu?ng to increase their budget and because of it is the best way to protect the species and the environment.


COLOMBIA is the most bird-diverse country in the world with more than 1950 species and 70 endemics bird species, thanks to the variety of microclimates and al?tudes from “0” to more than “5000” meters above the sea level. At the same ?me Colombia is one of the most mega-diverse countries, with 311 types of coastal and con?nental ecosystems